12 Reasons to wear cufflinks

Prince Charles wears them, Alan Sugar wears them, even Brad Pitt wears them but incase following in the sartorial footsteps of celebrities isn’t your thing, here are twelve other reasons to wear cufflinks


*Perhaps the most obvious reason is to hold your shirt cuffs together! This is what cuff links were made for after all, with early tailors using decorative buttons and chains to fasten shirtsleeves. This later evolved into the highly polished, often gem encrusted cufflinks that became popular in France in the late 1700s.

*If you have a hobby or an interest that you are particularly passionate about you can share it with a carefully selected pair of cufflinks. Whether it’s fishing, surfing, boxing or baking, your cufflinks can speak volumes about your personality.

*Some people like to choose their cufflinks to accentuate a favourite tie. If you have a penchant for purple, why not get matching cufflinks?

*Cufflinks can also transform an outfit from cool and casual to office worthy in the time it takes to clip them into place. Handy for taking part in dress down Friday whilst still retaining your professional image…your work colleagues probably won’t find your novelty Christmas jumper as funny as your friends do in the pub.

*By the same token wearing cufflinks to an import business meeting can also show that, well… you mean business. A pair of classic diamond cuff-links nestled at the wrist can show a potential investor that you pay attention to the finer details, knowing how they contribute towards the bigger picture.

*Cufflinks can also be used to make a statement. If you’re a bit of an eccentric at heart let people know by flashing a pair of chattering skull cufflinks.

*When attending a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or christening let your accessories help you make the most of it. By wearing cufflinks to a wedding you are guaranteed to remember it each time you wear them again.

*Maybe you have a pair of lucky cufflinks that have helped you win contracts and ace interviews? Try wearing them next time you go to the races to encourage good fortune.

*Cuff links are becoming more practical with designs including USB cufflinks to help you keep those important documents safe. Maybe in the not-so-distant future we’ll see cufflinks that can drive your car?

*It’s a well-known fact that ladies like a man who knows how to dress, so if you’re style savvy, rocking a pair of edgy cufflinks on a first date can really help to impress.

*Cufflinks can also commemorate a fantastic trip or memorable moment. Perhaps you’ve just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Amazon that you want to be reminded of when sitting at your desk on a dull afternoon? These jungle ant cufflinks should do the trick.

*And finally, as every great designer, trendsetter and personal shopper will tell you- the accessories make a man’s outfit. A luxury pair of cufflinks is the cherry on top of the well-dressed cake, adding the finishing touches to any ensemble.