A Rather Sporting Family

I’ve recently started to research my family tree and have come across some very interesting characters.

It seems my Great Great Grandfather on my mother’s side was actually the first world champion to win a gold medal for cycling! On a penny farthing non the less.

George Waller (my Great Great Grandfather) was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 12 April 1855 to Catherine and James Waller.

The first record of his cycling career is from 1871, when a 16 year old George came third in a handicap race. By 1876 Georges cycling career was on the up and he completed a famous six day race at the Agricultural Halls in Islington 44 miles ahead of the runner up, earning himself £20!

It seems my love of cycling may well be in my genes!

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Photographs courtesy of Tyne & Wear Archives Museums