The I Am Collection at Baselworld 2015

I Am Collection


Designed by Director James Deakin, The I Am Collection was inspired by the growing trend for personalised jewellery and James’ own life experiences.

To seek inspiration for this collection, James travelled to Scotland, Paris and Hong Kong. ‘For me, my inspiration comes from being outdoors and visiting new places’, says James.

The I Am Collection consists of 5 designs, hand made from sterling silver and incorporating semi-precious black spinel gem stones.

Each design has been given a Latin name and its own story, designed to represent the wearer’s passions.

The designs are Animosus, Familia, Insigno, Navigatio and Praesidium.

Animosus signifies courage and pride, both attributes associated with lions. The wearer of Animosus is strong and brave and wears the lion to symbolise their lust for life.


Familia literally translates as family. The wearer is someone who puts family above all else. Familia can also be a family heirloom to continue family heritage and symbolise tradition.


Insigno can be personalised for the individual wearers own passions. Hand engraved with their family crest, loved ones initials or a special date, Insigno can be a protective shield and a symbol of adoration.


Navigatio is for the traveller whose passion is to see the world. The anchor also represents stability and assurance.


Praesidium is to guard and protect. The symbol of the castle has long represented a fortress and the wearer takes pride in their home.


Each design is also made as a pendant in a small or large design, oxidised with a black spinel border.


Pre orders are now being taken via telephone on 0121 236 7751.

The I Am Collection will be exclusively launched at Baselworld, Thursday 19th March – Thursday 26th March.

Hall 2.1, Stand L91.