Frightfully Good Cufflinks


Here at Deakin & Francis, we love Halloween – its perfect inspiration for our cufflinks and the perfect excuse to wear a little horror on your sleeve!

Halloween, originally known as all Hallows Eve, , is the initiation of the triduum of All Hallows Tide. This is the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remember our ancestors, our loved ones who died, the Saints (Hallow) and martyrs. It was also thought that the spirits of the dead would wander the earth on this day and that they were able to possess the bodies of the living people. In order to chase away the spirits, people would dress in scary costumes and cover their faces with masks.

Although dressing up as a ghost or ghoul might be a little much, you can still express your inner demon with one of our ‘frightfully’ good cufflinks.

From a range of spooky skulls, the glow in the dark skull cufflinks feature an oxidisied skull, enamelled bones and glow in the dark eyes and are a firm favourite.


Or choose from one of creepy crawly cufflink designs – the black spinel scorpions or solid silver ants will get everyone thinking you have turned to the dark side.

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View our complete ‘Halloween’ range here today and give someone a little treat (no tricks!)