New Summer Haze Collection

Swirling Clouds and Crashing Waves – Inspiration for the NEW Summer Haze Cufflink Collection


A fusion of organic fresh tones brings Deakin & Francis’s new ‘Summer Haze Cufflink Collection’ to life this season. Capturing the hazy skies of the beautiful British summer and the crashing waves of a sandy beach, the collection is inspired by the palette of a quintessentially British summer. A blend of deeper green and grey tones are perfectly complemented with a selection of lighter, brighter shades of pastel blue and lustrous silver to capture the essence of summer.

James Deakin, Creative Director, says ‘Inspiration is everywhere, its all around me and you can find it when you least expect it. For our latest offering, I found inspiration from English painter, John Constables 1822 ‘Cloud Study.’ The sky is a ‘playground for human imagination,’ where we can see a number of forms and shapes. The stunning colours, movements and textures of swirling English skies have always fascinated me and I really wanted these cufflinks to capture the essence of a hazy, summer sky.

Beautifully hand-enameled in this seasons colours, the organic and natural lines allow the vitreous enamel to show off its density, texture, tone and brightness. They are truly stunning. And, just like a real summers sky, as the light changes on these cufflinks you will see different tones shimmer and shine.”

Each of the six colour’s sit harmoniously within a classic, round sterling silver setting with a domed oval spring link fitting to offer wearers a timeless, elegant look.

The iconic British brand offers an unrivalled selection of quality, hand-made cufflinks and accessories and their latest offering is a perfect example of their exquisite craftsmanship and quality.

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