Celebrity Guest Interview

David Flatman, rugby star and now TV presenter had a few minutes spare to answer some of our questions and tell us what his ideal Father’s Day plans would be…


  1. Can you tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself?
  • I’m the youngest pro to ever play rugby for England.
  • I once cycled 1000 miles in nine days and didn’t lose one pound in weight.
  • I am addicted to BBQs.


  1. Are you currently working on any exciting projects? What are you up to?

This year I started a podcast with my friend. It’s been great fun and has led to more exciting work than we predicted.


  1. Any funny stories from your Rugby playing days?

Plenty! Of the broadcastable ones, the time I nearly got arrested for kidnap in Johannesburg was funny… The lads nearly stitched me up good and proper. It all worked itself out in the end…


  1. From rugby shirts to formal shirts – what’s your style?

I’m not a flashy dresser. I think that men my size are better served by keeping things classic. I have all my shorts tailored and always have a single cuff for my cuff links as I don’t like the
cumbersome folding cuffs normally fitted.


  1. With Fathers Day around the corner – what would be your ideal day?

I’d go and shoot some clays with my dad, then pop to a pub for a ploughmans and a pint. Then we could cruise home and watch the footy. Simple!


  1. Which pair of D&F cufflinks is at the top of your wishlist?

Easy – the white gold, diamond skulls. Can’t believe how much I like them. Savage!


  1. Which D&F product would you gift to your own Dad? 

The shotgun cuff links. He would go nuts for them.


  1. How would your kids describe you?

Fat. Smelly. Addicted to meat and BBQ’s. Cuddly. Funny. Loving.


Shotgun cufflinks as seen on BT Sport’s rugby coverage and the ITV Premiership Rugby Highlights show worn by David Flatman:

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