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The perfect finishing touch

Extraordinary cufflinks, a gentleman's must have accessory.


At Deakin & Francis, we have been designing and manufacturing the world’s finest, luxury cufflinks and accessories since 1786.

And, as masters in the art of design, we employ tools, traditions and techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Using specialist craftspeople for different stages of the jewellery design, creation and manufacturing process.

Proud of our family tradition of craftsmanship, you can rest assured that every pair of cufflinks are given the high attention to detail it deserves.

You can rest assured that Deakin & Francis is a guarantee of original design, carefully executed and beautifully delivered.

Everything starts with a sketch.

Inspiration comes from all around and our in-house designers always begin by mapping out, using drawings and storyboards, how the finished piece will look. Consideration is given to the metal type (alloy), colour, shape, weight, movements and most importantly, how our jewellery will sit and be worn.

Vitreous Enamel

Using traditional methods dating back to the Pharaohs.

Our highly specialised Enamellers hand-paint Deakin & Francis cufflinks to bring them to life. An intricate skill that we have mastered over many years.


To create our traditional vitreous enamel cufflinks, new dies, based on sketches are created.

The first impression is taken with lead, rather than precious metal, to ensure it looks perfect. Once hardened, the dies are then stamped and clipped out in precious metal, to create the basis of our cufflink.

Model Making

When it comes to our 3D designs, our experienced model makers craft new prototypes. Once approved these will then create a mould.


Our experienced team of jewellers have a range of skills. From Signet Ring stamping, shaping and finishing, to stone-mounting and hand-making exclusive bespoke pieces. Here at Deakin & Francis we use traditional mounting methods to mount the unique spring back fittings onto our cufflinks.


Working in collaboration with the Birmingham Assay Office, our precious metal cufflinks are all passed through to be hallmarked, to guarantee their authenticity.


Our engravers can hand-carve initials, numbers of family crests onto our cufflinks or Signet Rings to add that extra special touch.


Each pair of cufflinks are passed through a series of polishing techniques, giving them the ultimate shine and finish.


Using an assortment of finishing tools, such as a rouge mop and felt bob, our chief finisher perfects our cufflinks, ensuring they are of the very best quality.


Our jewellery is carefully packaged into our beautiful presentation boxes, ready to be shipped.