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Our History

Heritage. Brand. Family.

Founded in 1786 by Benjamin Woolfield, Deakin & Francis have over 200 years of heritage...


As England's oldest manufacturing jewellers, Deakin & Francis are proud to build on the heritage, brand and family values that have been created over the past two centuries.

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Originally founded in Birmingham by Benjamin Woolfield and later joined by Charles Washington Shirley Deakin and C.W.B Moore, the firm traded as Deakin & Moore from 1848 – 1879.

After Charles Deakin retired in 1881, J H Francis joined the company and the name became Deakin & Francis; as it stands today. Sadly, the Francis line ceased with the death of Captain J H Francis in the First World War.

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Through world wars and recessions, changing fashions, seasons and trends, the brand has adapted to the demands of their clients.

Today, Deakin & Francis’s steadfast team of highly skilled and meticulous craftsmen continue to deliver beautifully designed products of the highest quality.

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It’s a testament to Deakin & Francis’s commitment to quality and value that the firm has lasted over 230 years as a family business.

And, its headquarters remain in the same building today as it began in; the same building that once housed the legendary James Watt, father of the Industrial Revolution.

Following in their forefathers footsteps, Henry and James Deakin are both fully qualified gemmologists.

James studied at the Gemmological Institute of America and is a graduate jeweller gemmologist and designer, while Henry studied Gemmology at the International Gemmological Institute in Vicenza and is a graduate gemmologist.

Seven generations later, the business is today managed by brothers Henry and James Deakin.