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Our Signets

Symbol of family heritage

Our Signet Rings are worn by presidents and princes and are exquisite gifts


Traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage, the Signet Ring has been around for many centuries.

And, whether it’s a traditional Coat of Arms or a favourite emblem, our Signet Rings are the perfect way to give a glimpse into your heritage.

Design Your Own

Signet rings, also known as seal rings, can be passed from generation to generation; a personal expression that can be treasured forever
Men & Women

Historically known as the ‘gentleman’s ring,’ the Signet Ring has become a modern must have and can now be spotted on both male and female fingers.

With an array of shapes, sizes and alloys; the Deakin & Francis selection of hand-crafted styles offers an unrivalled choice for all; allowing the wearer to exhibit style.

Handmade in Finest Gold

Hand-made using the very finest gold, our Signet Rings are worn by presidents and princes and are exquisite gifts to have and to hold.

Every precious Signet Ring is hallmarked for authenticity; and a member of our team oversees each and every step in the hand-crafted production; offering a totally unique, British made creation.

It's all about identity and a Signet Ring is sure to set you apart; it tells people that you are proud of who you are.
Create Your Own Signet ring

Use our signet ring design tool to choose your ring style, engraving and alloy. You can even have your ring engraved with your family crest.

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Traditional Manufacturing Methods

Crafted by hand, created with care and stamped in our very own factory, our Signet Ring manufacturing methods have remained unchanged for over 200 years.

Using a wide variety of traditional processes, every aspect of the production is by hand; created with pride and passion. With immense attention to detail, our processes ensure that the end result is a truly stunning piece of work.


Known for our calibre of craftsmanship, Deakin & Francis hand-engrave each Signet Ring with immense accuracy and care.

Using traditional hand-engraving techniques, our specialist team offer a choice of deep seal engraving or surface cut engraving. Intricately done by hand, the end result is of the highest quality.