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Style Guide

A perfect glimpse of personality.

Cufflinks really are the perfect way to express a mood or feeling.


With a diverse range, here at Deakin & Francis, we pride ourselves on having a style for every personality and passion.

From work attire, to a social event or a black-tie affair, cufflinks are the perfect way to inject a splash of personality whilst still being functional.

Formal Attire

When you really want to dress to impress, its all about the finer details. A well fitted, timeless dark suit, crisp white shirt and dress shoes are all a recipe for success. But finish this off with a beautiful pair of cufflinks and matching dress studs and you really will perfect your look.

Luxury pieces, with exquisite enamelling or a precious gemstone inlay, will truly impress – or keep it simple with a timeless pair of classic Sterling Silver designs. Elegant pieces will add polish to your appearance without detracting from the rest of your outfit.

Or, if you really do want to stand out, our range includes a number of quirky designs, such as our Hairy Viking cufflinks and dress studs or a cheeky nod to the festive season with our Black Spinel Penguin Dress Stud Set.

There are no rules, simply choose a pair that expresses your personality.

Work Companion

For the gentleman who is here, there and everywhere; for the city slicker who thrives on the busy bustling life, sometimes only a formal suit and tie will do the job. And of course, a pair of cufflinks.

This simple addition to your work attire can add a subtle whisper of wealth, a sign of ambition or a glimpse of the adventurer within. Perhaps a pair of red racing car cufflinks to signal a glimpse of power and drive or a pair of dice cufflinks to show you’re willing to take a risk; whatever you choose, a pair of cufflinks will add a little extra style to any business ensemble without breaking the dress code.

Casual Cufflinks

Cufflinks don’t always have to be accompanied by a suit and tie. A dressed down attire of jeans, blazer and even trainers can be perfectly complimented by a pair of cufflinks, a simple bangle or even lapel pin.

Taking you from day to night, a stylish pair of cufflinks can help dress up your attire, add a cheeky twist, or simply a subtle finishing touch. Go big, bold and brave with a quirky design or keep it classic and traditional with a simple pair of enamelled cufflinks. We have a wide variety of cufflinks that will suit any and all personalities.